The Econ scotch yoke actuator comes with a heavy duty aluminum housing which can support up to 2.2 million in-lb (250,000 Nm). This actuator produces reliable and dependable automation for quarter turn valves. Engineered and built to withstand most applications and environmental conditions, the precision design and quality of our actuators provide long and safe performance for valve control.


Manual Overrides

The manual override is an important requirement for many valve/actuator applications. In case that air fails, the user will be able to open or close the valve manually. Econ has a variety of override options available to meet any requirement. Available options include jackscrew or hydraulic manual override. We also offer solutions in Tank Reservoir Systems and Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs.)

Automated Packages

Econ has the capability to integrate our actuators in a complete pneumatic and hydraulic control system to cover all the needs that valve automation requirements. Our engineers have a deep knowledge of controls and pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is a key issue in the safety of hydrocarbon process plants. It is considered a reliable method to reduce plant fire risks. For this matter, Econ actuators can be customized to withstand exposure to fire and very high temperatures. A full range of fire proof systems is available, including protective jackets, intumescent coatings and stainless steel enclosure systems. Meets UL1709 requirements.
• ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance
• In accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC, Econ scotch yoke actuators are classified as follows:
• SY01F10 150 up to SY01F14 200 – Category SEP, procedure module H1
• SY01F14 250 up to SY01F16 350 – Category I, procedure module H1
• SY01F25 350 up to SY01F40 600 – Category II, procedure module H1
• SY01F40 700 up to SY01F60 900 – Category III, procedure module H1
• SY01F60 1000 up to SY01F60 1100 – Category IV, procedure module H1
• Classified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as Group II Category 2, suitable for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 in accordance with Annex VIII of Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX)
• Safety Integrity Rating IEC 61508 SIL 3


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